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Intern Co. is more than just a fun summer - it’s an education in theatre.

Interns are presented with a challenging script and led through lessons in close reading and analysis of the text. Acting exercises based in specific technique are held on stage, while our student designers work with a dramaturg to create a rich, well-developed aesthetic for the show.

In addition, Interns benefit from interaction with theatre professionals. Recent productions have featured workshops in voice with Kara Krichman and in fight choreography with Lize Meisenzahl. A trip to Philadelphia’s Simpatico Theatre Company allowed us to have a conversation with playwright & dramaturg Zandra Espinoza.

We are proud of the rigorous education we’ve built into the Intern Co., and that the value of that education has begun to be recognized. In recent summers, Intern Co. has been recognized for college credit at multiple schools, and been the subject of a church sermon - not a bad way to level up!

But the best part of theatre education is its ability to be all kinds of education - Interns discuss history, psychology, and philosophy in the rehearsal room, use math, science and engineering to build our sets, and get some hands-on business experience marketing & selling the show...all while having an amazing, fun summer!

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