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Welcome to 2nd Stage at Burlington County Footlighters, where creativity and intimacy intertwine to bring you a truly immersive experience. With limited seating, every performance becomes an intimate encounter between the performers and the audience, forging a connection that transcends traditional theater boundaries.Our stage is a canvas for emerging talents and seasoned artists alike, providing a platform for bold experimentation and artistic expression. So step into our 2nd Stage and let your senses ignite. Join us on this exhilarating journey where boundaries blur, emotions surge, and art comes alive in its most intimate and powerful form. Welcome to a theater experience like no other.

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2nd Stage at Burlington County Footlighters 
2024-2025 Season 

Dark Matters By Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

October 11th -19th

In an isolated house at the edge of a cornfield, in the mountains of Virginia, something almost beyond belief is happening to the Cleary family. When Bridget Cleary goes missing, in the dead of the night, her husband Michael and son, Jeremy, scramble to help Sheriff Richard Egan find her. Then, as suddenly as she vanished, Bridget reappears, talking about strange visitations and otherworldly beings. Is she lying? Or are supernatural forces at work? Dark Matters is a suspense thriller about the secrets that hold families together and the terrible truths we sometimes choose to ignore in the people we love.


Our 62nd Annual 24hr Play Festival

Having randomly selected various themes, tasks, props and characters our

participants must incorporate those selections into original plays. All plays are written, cast,

and rehearsed in the previous 24 hrs and presented for you on this fun filled evening.

February 22nd

Curtain Rising: Staged Readings of New Works

Following last season’s great success, the 2nd annual show will be a thought-provoking program of fully staged reading of short plays that explore a timely, important topic. The goals of the event are to showcase talented playwrights, actors, and directors in the hope of creating connections for further exploration.

February 28th & March 1st 

Galaxy Radio Theatre

March 15th 

The second annual production by our radio players.

Table Settings By James Lapine

April 4th - 12th

Table Settings is a compelling theatrical journey crafted by the renowned playwright and director James Lapine. Set against the backdrop of a family gathering, Lapine intricately weaves together the complexities of human relationships, familial dynamics, and the art of communication.

In this intimate and thought-provoking play, audiences are invited to witness the unfolding drama as various family members convene around the dining table. Through witty dialogue, poignant moments, and unexpected revelations, Lapine delves deep into the intricacies of family bonds, exploring themes of love, loss, and the search for connection.

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