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About Intern Co.

Burlington County Footlighters' Summer Theatre Program

For Young Adults

Ages 15- 21

Intern Co. began life as Footlighters’ theatre education program for high school and college students – and has since taken on its own bold identity as one of the most daring and artistically vital theatre companies in South Jersey!

Students participating in the Intern Co. learn about theatre by handling every aspect of mounting a full-scale show: from acting, costuming, make-up and effects, writing inventive new scripts, composing original music, designing and building a set, marketing, publicity and more.

Throughout the program’s history, members of the Intern Co. have tackled challenges such as Shakespeare, musical theatre, period melodrama, tricky horror scenes and more. Some of the sets these students have managed to create are seemingly impossible: including a 279-gallon pool right in the theater! Students have used the tools they learned here at the Intern Co. to become professional actors and directors.

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