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Join Intern Co.

A rare opportunity for creative students to engage in their art in a friendly, collaborative setting, Intern Co. is looking to add actors, artists, designers, dancers, musicians, and writers for what’s sure to be a thrilling summer.

The Intern Co. meets 3 nights a week throughout most of the summer, working toward a final performance in mid-August. Because Intern Co. is designed to work with students between the ages of 15 and 20, we understand and are flexible in dealing with commitments such as college visits, family vacations, etc. Simply submit conflicts to the director at the beginning of the summer.

To get involved, email

For Actors

Collaborative and challenging, but most of all fulfilling and fun, performers are involved on the stage and behind the scenes with Intern Co. Students ages 15-21 of all experience levels are invited to audition.

For Tech & Design

Budding set or lighting designers and builders, writers, dancers, visual artists, musicians, graphic designers, website gurus, friendly "front-of-house" faces and more find a home with the Intern Co. Working on and towards the summer's performance, stretch your skills or learn a few new ones as a Co. member.

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“This is what theatre is all about: getting a group of creative minds and putting on a show!

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