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An evening of thought-provoking short plays explores different ways that we define the concept of HOME.  HOME is where your [heart, partner, family, pets, stuff, safety, peace of mind] are.  How do we create HOME? What happens when HOME is challenged or blessed, taken or given?

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“Stuck in Place”

Written by William Ivor Fowkes​

Directed by Edwin Howard


Bill Shaughnessy

Lisa Croce

Nanci Cope

Tim Herman

“Lost & Found”

Written by Kay Bullard

Directed by Chrissy Wick


Amanda Dranchak

Mike Muller

Written by Kevin Stevens

Directed by Adam Corbett


Bob Beaucheane

Brian Wayman

Samantha Wentz

“Last Hope”

Written by Lena Kaminsky

Directed by Robert Pacquiao Ruelan


Bill Shaughnessy

Celeste Bonfante


Written by Bridgette Dutta Portman

Directed by Jonathan Edmondson


Alec Robin

Amanda Pasquini

Matthew Carter

“Where the Heart Lives”​

Written by Mike Brannon

Directed by Samantha Wentz


Samantha Wentz

Zach Martin

Written by Lesley Becker

Directed by Susan Paschkes


Kathy Harmer

Natasha Thompson

Zach Martin

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